You can enjoy various outdoor activities around Ryounkaku every season. The possibilities for play are endless!

We hope that you will fully enjoy the nature of the Tokachidake mountain range while thoroughly implementing safety management and manners. There are some that can be guided by Ryounkaku staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Winter mountain climbing

November-early May

In winter mountains, you can enjoy a dignified beauty that is not available in summer. There is no doubt that you can meet the breathtaking scenery.
Be prepared for the courageous interruption.


Snow shoot trekking

November-early May

Recommended for those who want to enjoy the snowy mountains while stepping forward. We also offer guide plans and snowshoe rentals to the Ansei crater.



November-early May

Tokachidake is a backcountry mecca. Many skier borders who love snow mountains are visiting from all over the world.


Mountaineering, hiking, foot pass

June-early October

Both the body and the heart are wrapped in the powerful nature that spreads forever. The large panorama of the town that spreads out in the foothills is also worth seeing.


Hill climbing in bicycle

June-early October


Once you experience the 2000m altitude penance, you will be captivated by its sense of accomplishment. The hot spring after climbing is super! It's exceptional.


​Snow cycling

December-early April

Run through the mountains in winter with tires dedicated to snowy roads. I'm excited until I start rowing! The speed and exhilaration of the last gliding is irresistible.


Various events are held in Ryounkaku and its vicinity according to the season. There are various events such as the annual event and special events planned by our staff, but you can enjoy all while being surrounded by the refreshing feeling unique to nature!
*The following events are examples of past events. For the latest event information, please visit Facebook.


Mountain yoga

This is a luxurious lesson while being watched by the Tokachidake mountain range. ​Both the mind and body are washed by nature and yoga.


Pounding mochi

New Year special event! For customers to poke, and for cross-border exchanges. It's exceptional to stick!


Climbing season

The day when mountain trails are lifted every June. The season begins with the safety prayer rituals.

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