Locally grown pork, vegetables...

After our ONSEN, enjoy our dishes!

Do you wanna eat Lunch ?

Focusing on KAMIFURANO pork raised at the foot of the Tokachi-dake mountain,
We will prepare a meal using local ingredients.

Some customers who are not staying Day trip banquet plans are available. Ask us!

Make delicious and safe pork that we also want to eat...

Don't stress these porks
Rearing management and production are carried out.

What`sKAMIFURANO pork?


We offer breakfast in buffet style.

Please enjoy it in a restaurant where you can see the great outdoors.


※If we have a small number of guests, you may be sorry for the set meal for each.


​〒071-0500 北海道空知郡上富良野町十勝岳温泉 



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