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Ancient passion

Showa 35 May In order to prepare a map of Mt Tokachi, the surveyor Katayu Kato noticed a hot spring full of valleys in Ansei crater, started full-scale hot spring drilling from June the following year, and after 3 months hot water We secured a hot Yumoto of 250 liters per minute at a temperature of 43℃.

Although I immediately started construction of hot spring lodgings, all the materials were handed and carried the mountain path many times a day only by human beings and horses, but under the command of the SDF of Kamifurano garrison area · commander of Yamasaki, the harvested road After completion in 1969, full-scale roads were advanced with the support of the administration.

The source plumbing work that was carried out at the same time as the construction of the inn, fixed 1.6 km from Yumoto to the rocks and cliffs with a vinyl pipe, spent tremendous personnel and labor, and a hot spring lodge opened in July 1968

It is named "Ryou-un-kaku" meaning "an accommodation surpassing clouds".

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